Overall Aim

Develop, deliver and then manage business-wide processes and technology to support the business strategy and maximise value for Zed Books Ltd

Key Responsibilities


  1. Develop and manage business-wide processes (inc. workflows, dataflows and other information flows) to:
    – deliver maximum value for Zed Books Ltd
    – future-proof the organisation in terms of its growth strategy
    – support product acquisition, pre-production objectives and inventory management
    – support sales and marketing objectives; and
    – constantly improve efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Integrate pre-production and post-production processes with cross-business processes such as accounting, IP, royalties and art department, for maximum efficiency and effect
  3. Contribute annual processes and technology strategy and plans in line with the business strategy and plan


  1. Develop and manage the technological solutions that will support efficient and effective systems and processes, outsource elements of this as required, managing those relationships on behalf of Zed Books Ltd
  2. Implement and manage (including outsourcing) technological solutions and integrated tools that will support efficient and effective communication throughout the business
  3. Manage the integration of new technology systems as the company grows, e.g. through APIs, to allow data to flow where it’s needed and decisions to happen in real-time on zedbooks.net


  1. Ensure that external stakeholders, in-house teams and individuals are managed and supported through changes to organisational processes and technology
  2. Ensure these changes are communicated effectively, both internally and externally, from proposal, through to plans and eventual adoption

Key organisational contacts

  1. Work closely with the Digital Director to ensure that business-wide systems, processes and technology support the specific aims of rapidly increasing discoverability and supporting data management and optimisation
  2. Work closely with Digital Director and Brand and Growth Director to develop and manage business-wide processes that support sales and post-production objectives
  3. Work closely with the Customer Experience Director to support the rapid integration of required updates and changes following testing of ideas with real customers (B2B and B2C)
  4. Manage all outsourced systems, processes and technology teams/freelancers

Person Spec

Highly analytic and self-driven, deriving satisfaction from analysing complex information flows and creating solutions that enable the creative capacity, management and growth of a business.

You will own the business’s processes and technology and manage them in a way that facilitates the effective flow of data in and out of the organisation. You will also own the change management associated with processes and technological changes.

Experience and skills

  1. Proven experience in driving operational improvement projects from start to finish including project management, synthesis and modelling, problem solving, and communication of insights, feedback and recommendations across an organisation and to budget
  2. Demonstrable leadership skills, especially with regards to operational effectiveness and change management
  3. Demonstrable ability to provide an holistic view and overarching systems and processes strategy for a business
  4. Proven experience of running implementation and digital transformation projects to ensure technology serves business needs
  5. Proven experience of working closely with internal and external stakeholders to steer change management, highlighting pain points, setting targets and providing regular progress reports, while embedding analytics into decision making so that it becomes the norm across the business
  6. Demonstrable ability to manage IT projects and solution providers
  7. Proven experience in successful external relationship building and management
  8. Demonstrable ability in principles of data governance and curating in-house data flows
  9. Ability to read and interpret complex contracts and to discuss data concepts in contractual negotiations
  10. Up to the minute IT understanding

Personal style

  • Highly organised, pro-active, quick-thinking and solution oriented
  • Derives satisfaction from problem solving
  • Able to juggle multiple and varied responsibilities
  • Passionate about developing new ideas into structured, deliverable outcomes
  • Excellent inter-personal, judgement and lateral influencing skills
  • Clear thinking and ambitious with an ability to translate that into drive for business success
  • Able to effectively speak and interact with C level leaders and other board directors

Remuneration package: £50,000 base salary (profit share, bonus and benefit details on request)

Zed is a queer and BAME run organisation

About Zed

A workers co-operative, Zed was originally founded in 1977 and is based South London. We publish some fifty books annually on issues of global significance. Our books are widely used in university courses throughout the world.

Managed co-operatively by its worker directors and having no shareholders, Zed's purpose is the publication and effective distribution, North and South, of books that matter. Our distinction lies in the fact that our conditions for publication are more than intellectual quality and wide appeal - a major concern is the political, social and ethical content of our books.

Zed Books intends to go on demonstrating that an independent and democratically managed publishing company can operate efficiently and successfully in commercial terms while devoting its energies to publishing books that play a constructive role in educating people about the urgent need to make our world a more just, more peaceful and more environmentally responsible place for all humanity to live in.